West's Pennsylvania Appellate Practice

Initially published by Kevin and his co-authors in 1986 and updated annually, Pennsylvania Appellate Practice is the recognized treatise on appellate practice in Pennsylvania.  The three volume set is available on legal research databases, in hard copy in law libraries, and from the publisher Thomson Reuters. Pennsylvania’s appellate courts frequently cite Pennsylvania Appellate Practice as authority.  See, for example, Dougherty v. Heller, 138 A. 3d 611, 629 n. 11 (Pa. 2016) (citing with approval best practices when appealing a collateral order); Schmidt v. Boardman Co., 11 A. 3d 924, 941 (Pa. 2011) (quoting with approval commentary on need to preserve issues in order to secure Supreme Court’s discretionary review); In re Navarra, 185 A. 3d 342, 350 (Pa. Super. 2018)(relying on treatise’s explanation of Pa. R.A.P. 342 relating to estate orders immediately appealable); T.M. v. Elwyn, Inc., 950 A.2d 1050, 1064 (Pa. Super. 2007) (concurring opinion) (referring to treatise as “the ‘Bible’ of Pennsylvania appellate practice”); UnitedHealthcare of Pennsylvania, Inc., v. Baron, 171 A. 3d 943, 951 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2017)(en banc) (citing treatise for authority that intervention as a party petitioner is not permitted).